Sean is mixed-race rap artist from NYC, but currently living in Jackson Mississippi. He is loved for his vibrant and creative personality, open mind, and motivating spirit. Although Sean Joseph’s passion and outlet has always been creating quality Hip Hop music, his talents extend past the music industry. 

    The Dream King (a nick name for Sean coined by his team) is a real deal entrepreneur, innovator, and all around game-changer. His goal is to build a fortune 500 Company called “Started With A Dream” which is a symbolic mission to prove anything is possible. This company will be at the forefront of creating new technology, films, clothing lines, entertainment, and even restaurants. The plan is set, but the path to success starts with a great team AKA the DreamTeam500 (What Sean likes to call his fans and supporters, because he sees them more as his team than fans). 

    The vision for Sean’s music and business is to drive positive change throughout the world and to inspire/launch the careers of artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals of all kinds. If you are rocking with Sean Joseph, then you are part of the DreamTeam500. #MuchLove #StayBlessed