Desiree McKinney - (Houston) joined DPMG UNITED's roster in 2017. Model/Actress/Singer/Rapper Desiree is simply a star. Another artist you can simply google to see her full body of work. Stay tuned!

Charmae - (Seattle) Agreed to join DPMG UNITED in early 2017. She is an amazing talent as she creates music, sings a number of genres, and can rap very well. She simply does amazing things with her voice as heard in a number of voice tags, Her No More video displays her acting skills as well.Look for her first release called "Coming Up" due to be out Aug 2017 ft Echo The Savage

​​Koo Hefner

SilverDollar - (Alabama) Became a member of DPMG in 2016. He is one of the youngest artist on the roster. However, do not let the age full you. November 17th, One Day, and Day One are all EPs he has released in less than a year. He creates the music, writes his lyrics, and mixes and masters his songs, Get the point here$$$? 



Gator - (Houston Tex) Has been a DPMG Artist since 2016. Gator not only is about to drop one of our biggest albums of 2017 "THE ICON ALBUM" but he's already done songs with some of today's biggest names including Bryson Tiller and Bow Wow to name a few. Gator also is apart of the staff at DPMG doing marketing, promo, and engineering!

Bunny Corleone

Young Havoc

3TG BMO - (Florida) Joined DPMG UNITED in 2016. He is a cousin of MyTy. BMO brings that street vibe to DPMG. Crucial Conflict, Lil John, and BTIH can all be heard in BMO's music. His single stupid can be purchased from the release tab and look for his debut album available this August!

Arielle Birdsong

1ST Lady Of The West Coast

L.O.V.E Jones

​Skyy Divinity

​Barbie Lee

Mc'Loven officially became a member in 2017. However he is the only member that was apart of our radio show back in 2011 - 2012. There is a tremendous back story as that Mc'Loven himself will have to tell you but I can say you will hear his pain through his music. Mc'Loven will release his first single this Aug. So stay tuned! 

Koo Hefner - (New Jersey) has been a member of DPMG since 2016 and already has the highest selling album on our roster. THC III Quentin shows you that Koo Hefner can go toe to toe with the best MC's of our time. Simply google KOO HEFNER and you will see the body of work!

L.O.V.E Jones - (Indiana) Denzael Jones was one of the first artist to join in 2016. He has the most singles released and is always grinding. His story is amazing as he has overcome a number of set backs and still managed to focus on music and is determined to rise above anything trying to slow him down!

Murc Jones - Is also from New Jersey. He just joined DPMG in June of 2017 but has already dropped one single "THE ARRIVAL" and as we speak he is sending over the remaining tracks to the new album dropping summer of 2017!

​Murc Jones

Paul James

DMarco - (Chicago - Rockford) DMarco joined DPMG in 2016 and has released two singles Palms Itching and Blessing To Hell. He is set to release his debut EP summer 2017!




Barbie Lee - (Japan) - Joined DPMG UNITED in 2016. She has performed all over Japan and in China. Covering Drakes Hotline Bling put her on the map as more than a pretty face with a voice. After receiving instrumentals from Dynamite expect a debut release by the years end!

Bunny Corleone - (ATL) joined DPMG UNITED in 2017.  She is very confident and knows exactly how she wants to be branded.  Rapper, singer, and producer Bunny proves She has the skills to create fun and hit records. She plans to travel to DPMG UNITED HQ's this July to record several songs. Look for a new single this August! 

A.Camille - (Chicago) A.C. is from the hometown of Ceo Dynamite. She is also the youngest Female solo Artist on the label. She works very hard and is determined to achieve her goals. Her potential shows in her very first release with us "Dippin & Dabbin" and even more in her 2nd single "$AK" Stay tuned as this young artist is just getting started!

Arielle J.Birdsong - (California) Joined DPMG in late 2016. We immediately released "Brat" a soulful up tempo R&B track that shows all her star power and then some. Arielle had already done a number of big things before coming to DPMG. Simply google her to see the full body of work!

My Ty - (Palm Beach Florida) has been on our roster since 2016 but man I can tell you she works! Rollin & Floatin, Inspire My Juices, and the single Get To The Money you can purchase all at once!

Sklyy Divinity - (The Bahamas) has been with DPMG for well over two years. She works hand in hand with Dynamite almost daily making sure she keeps bringing great music that lifts young woman up! Skyy's "IT'S GON' BE OK" album will be available 7 - 5 - 17! Please be sure to check out her new video "My Way" streaming on our home page!


KingPaulJames - (Texas/Georgia) Paul James has been with DPMG for over a year now. His The Best single is the highest selling single on our roster to date. He released his first EP "Thru My Eyez" which you can purchase from the releases tab!

Young Havoc - (Kentucky) Joined DPMG in 2016. He has a single available called IDK remix. When it comes to writing and singing hooks Young Havoc is the guy. Look for his next single "Already" coming later this summer!

1ST Lady Of The West Coast (Bay Area) has been a DPMG Artist longer than any other artist on the roster. She has put out two Albums and working on a third as we speak. She is the very first artist to receive a label deal via DPMG and Ceo Dynamite. Look for her new release "Summer Nights" coming soon! 



My Ty