Donnell Garret aka “Numba’s was born and raised in Jackson Mississippi. He attended Galloway Elementary School and later earned his GED. He battled through most things young Men battle as they grown up and that’s the streets. He did end up serving time but he used that as a chance to change things around and he did just that as jail is where he earned his GED. 

Inspired by his brother Justin Partee Numba’s started rapping and at the age of 16 he started to take it very seriously. Numba’s now makes hip hop music that you can definitely vibe to and that DJs should start taking notice and add his songs to their playlist. Dolph,  Bossie Gates, Cjkasino, Trapboy Freddy, and Lil Lonnie Dead are some other artist Numba’s would like to work with in the future. In the summer of 2019 Numba’s was discovered by IDynvmite CEO of DPMG UNITED and was quickly given a distribution deal that will now have his music released on a worldwide level in spots like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazing, iheart Radio and many other digital platforms. This story is just beginning and be sure to follow Numba’s on his social platforms @numbas2baggs on IG!

Artist Bio!

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