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Artist Bio:


So my name is iDynvmite! I’m from Illinois. I come from a musical background pretty much gospel. But, I simply loved the blues is what they called it they as in church folks and you will see there is no one genre that defines me as I simply can do all music I believe so anyway!

Growing up on Chicago’s west side I got in talent shows singing and dancing. Later on I ended up starting a label and getting very serious with music. I also started hosting some online radio shows where there would be rap battles. It was my show my station and it blew up.

It was in 2017 when things turned for the best for me. I ended up building a home studio and started making music. In 2018 I changed my name to Dynamite and iDynvmite as my artist name well actually I changed my name to Dynamite way back in 2008 when I started DPMG UNITED!

Once I made songs and had a name it was time to market and brand. I would like to say I took off from there. In just 14 months I have released three 19 plus track albums which shows not only am I ready but I do belong. I put out some mixtapes way back when I first started but I really never mention them because I was not iDynvmite yet so it does not exist to me even though the songs were great and if you heard them you will see how I became me!

This summer I was one of the headliners for the Berinepalooza tour. The last stop was Oct 5th in Cary IL at the Oktoberfest. The tour was terrific and just what I needed. Some footage is on YouTube but most is being prepared for a video. Now with over 27k followers on IG, 5,000 on fb, and my latest album Power Plvy hitting over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone in just two weeks with no paid promo I feel the time is now for myself and Spinnup to unite as I’m proud to be releasing my third and history making project called “Blvck Gloves” with Spinnup/UMG Recordings, Inc. early 2020! Blvck Gloves will be a soundtrack to so many big projects I have coming up and that’s pretty much all I can say right now so stay tuned and keep being nosy!

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