Graduate Runs Until 6-18-18 




This is simply for any artist looking to get started in the music industry and has no team behind them at all.

You learn how to create and write a song in correct format, how to brand and promote yourself,

Important music industry business tips on how to choose management, distribution, production, and record deals.

You learn how to become popular on youtube, and a few more bonuses will be added!

Work Shop Runs Until 6-11-18

This is simply for any artist that are looking for guidance on how to become a ready now artist! Once we turn you into a ready now artist we guide you to some record deal or distribution considerations! 

 What is a ready now artist? A ready now artist is a artist that has a strong following in the streets and online, your music is recorded in a high quality studio with at least one song having been in rotation on some form of radio stations. 

Your videos and images are on a professional level, you have done a number of live shows with the ability to open up for a main stream act, and last having large streaming and youtube numbers!

Once you have all these things checked off you will be ready to earn any deal you want!