D. Rojay is from the West side of Chicago but grew up in Rockford IL. She was born into a musical family with her Father introducing her to music at the early age of 4. It was at that age that she song her first solo at her Grandmother's appreciation program. At that moment a start was born. 
Her Father immediately began teaching her anything music and he gave her the name Baby Popcorn. The piano was the first instrument D. Rojay began to play and she was put on YouTube with the Baby Popcorn Show to awesome reviews. 

She recorded her first song "I Am Baby Popcorn" when she was 9 years old and started performing in every show or event her Dad was hosting or throwing himself. As she got older and entered high school she joined the school choirs every year and even started singing the national anthem at the schools sports events. She became a hot name locally. 

Andrea Danielle Rutledge being her birth name which is a combination of both her parents name won the local singing competition at the county Fair  in the summer of 2017 winning cash and a trophy.
After that things really began to take form. Her Dad always told her if she was to break into the music industry he wanted her to start out in a group. Enter LowKey Angel's. A Female R&B/Hip Hop group started by her Father in Rockford IL built around D. Rojay. The group had great success in a short time but with the ladies all being 18 and graduating it was difficult to keep everything going. 

So that's when D graduated and started her solo career. Her first single Known Better is currently available on Spotify and Apple music and you can bet she is working hard in the studio on her debut EP.
D. Rojay is inspired by Rihanna, Beyonce, to name a few but she clearly wants to create her own identity and show that she can stand toe to toe with the strongest voices in today's music industry. This artist is clearly ahead of her time and ready to show you what she was born to do. Stay tuned as we follow the rising career of D. Rojay!