C.K. Marion was born and raised in Orlando, FL. She attended Miriam & Valerie's School of Dance Arts at 3 years old. Her mother Kelly Marion was a Dancer and Choreographer. Her father was a Songwriter, Actor, and DJ.  At 9 years old Marion recorded her first original single "Gonna Make U Dance." Within the same year she landed a role on a television show called "Dooley and Pals," with Victory Entertainment.

She took a hiatus after childhood success and focused on school, sports, and real life experiences. At fourteen years old she began entering poetry slams, talent shows, started a dance crew and studying Music. She taught herself how to play piano, guitar, and use DRW such as Ableton, Reason, and Pro Tools.

Marion composes her own beats and is a songwriter for herself and other artist. She comes up with her own music video concepts and edits them. In her spare time, she enjoys playing billiards, writing short stories, and reading. In her music she writes about politics, society, feminism, spirituality, personal hardships, love, heart break and the misconceptions of success.